Red Barn Designs has gone through a lot of changes since we started 12 years ago.  A simple embroidery business that was going to produce a “little” extra income has grown to into a full time job.   Little did we know, we would continue to change and expand what we were capable of offering.

As the livestock industry and the award possibilities continue to change, Red Barn Designs is “Keeping Up With The Pace” as well as we can.  That includes offering show supplies for your convenience for your show venture as well as specialized awards.  We have also added a laser to our line up to offer you customized products and awards.

Everyone wants something that is unique for a gift, show or other event.  We can help you make that a reality in a variety of ways.  Award banners; queen sashes; embroidered shirts, hats, jackets and bags;  unique plaques; stained glass animals; show supplies; lasered cups and specialty items – are all available from Red Barn Designs.  In essence, we can be your “One Stop Shop”.

As this summer of county fairs, shows, weddings, and graduations get into full swing, check out all the items we have available to fit your needs.  Don’t see what you were thinking about doing – let us know and let us see if we can help you create it.

Red Barn Designs is “Keeping Up With The Pace” of the ever changing world of gift giving and awards.